Pran, Robert and John have just re-lent the Club’s accrued repayments from Lendwithcare (£119.19) to four more entrepreneurs in the Third World.

Olga Nohemí resides in the Santa Rosa neighbourhood in rural Ecuador.
She is 45 years old and a single mother to a three-year-old girl. To support
her household, Olga works in agriculture, primarily cultivating potatoes. She
works diligently in her garden, taking care of her crops, and has been
dedicated to working in the field for 14 years.

Mulungushi 1402 is a remarkable group, diligently trained by our local
development partner, Microloan Foundation Zambia, in effective small
business management. With ages ranging from 26 to 45, these women
support twenty-eight dependents, providing for their educational, nutritional,
and shelter needs. Leveraging their culinary expertise, some members have
ventured into cooking businesses, while others operate salons, showcasing
their diverse skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Sagonou Farming Cooperative is a determined group of 8, with an average
age of 35. The members live and work in a rural village in Togo, 17km from
Lomé, where they support a collective 24 dependents, being children who
attend the local school. Their livelihoods are centred around agriculture,

cultivating a variety of crops including corn, cassava, sweet potato, pepper,
vegetables, and papaya.

Myckaela Margarita is a 24-year-old professional who lives with her parents
in the city of Cotacachi, Ecuador. After completing her university studies in
physiotherapy, she started working in a clinic, applying her knowledge in the
field for the past 2 years.

Club members will be interested to know that to date we have helped 394 entrepreneurs and 1096 family members, and created  923 Jobs, which brings the total number of people helped to 2413 

In addition, the Club’s Lending Team (consisting of the Club itself plus twelve individual members who attribute their loans to Headingley Rotary) has helped 1480 entrepreneurs and 4216 family members, and created 1504 jobs, bringing the total numbers of people helped to7200.

We currently have £3.69 credit, which we will allow to grow until we have enough to lend again.

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